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5. *character writer likes* and *other character writer likes* are going to get together, but *character author doesn't like* might get in the way! What will happen???? (spoiler: characters author likes get together in the end).

4. TD new season redo, where coincidentally, all the characters the author likes get far, along with one character they don't like to be the villain and get humiliated. Oh, and the author's OTP get together, also coincidentally!

3.  Total drama characters...except in high school, where somehow they all go to the same one! how creative and clever!!!! (it isn't).

2. New season where people get to submit OC's! Guaranteed not to last more than 4 chapters! 

and number one...


...yeah I'm feeling sarcastic today.
SFC11 EDGIC by Slicer37
1. no one commenting on my SFC6 ranking :( rip
2. I really like this font lol ^_^

anyway, here's the sfc11 reread edgic! This season was super fun and great to reread, of course. I feel like out of all the sfc seasons, this is definitely the most wacky and light-hearted; the characters are pretty ridiculous, the strategy is OTT, and the main villains are jokes. After a lot of dark seasons with Bonnie, it's basically a breather episode as a season, and I enjoyed it. Lots of people have it as their favorite...I don't, just because I think my top seasons rn appeal to me on many different levels, while SFC11 is tons of fun but not especially deep. But as a fun ride with funny characters yet still having a lot of suceeds 100%.

Season ranking:

:bulletpurple: SFC3
:bulletblue: SFC2
:bulletgreen: SFC7
:bulletgreen: SFC11
:bulletorange: SFC6
:bulletred: SFC10.

:bulletred: 20. Violet:

My long writeup for Violet got deleted so I'm going to keep this short. Violet was an arrogant douche who contributed nothing to the season except for a gag-inducing relationship with Bitsy. He sucks.

:bulletred: 19. Bitsy:

You know, I was seriously considering putting Bitsy higher, just because she had a storyarc and development. Then I realized that doesn't matter when you're a character as awful as AS Bitsy.

First of all, remember how people complained how easy Barney's win was and called Melanie Boston Melanie? Try Boston Bitsy. EVERYTHING throughout the game went Bitsy's way. Every vote was an excuse to show what a great player Bitsy was, she was given allies on a silver platter, and all her enemies left early, leaving Bitsy to dominate the game. Bitsy was supposed to be "hero turned villain" but a good villain has someone pointing them out, standing up to them. Bitsy never had an one telling her what she was doing wasn't okay, there was no one for her to fight with. It was a fucking coronation edit, except she cried a lot.

Speaking of her crying, let me debunk a myth here. Bitsy's story arc was not dynamic or interesting at all. She backstabs someone, she's the mastermind, she feels guilty about it and cries, and then she backstabs someone else anyway; rinse and repeat as many times as possible.  that was pretty much all of it. It was beyond annoying, and she's a terrible winner and a terrible character.

:bulletred: 18. Lucky:

Okay, Lucky should not have been on allstars. I don't care if Minerva bent the rules to get her out, she was a boring character who was only as popular as she was because she was in Akuma's comics. I think that's my main issue with SFC6: the season played it way too safe. I get that SFC12 took a lot of unneeded risks and alienated people, but the opposite isn't good either. SFC6 was super beige and just tried to appease the popularity poll voters and the masses who were angry by Marius's win, and the result was a season that took no risks and played it safe while trying to appeal to everyone. Lucky did nothing but follow Bitsy around enabling her only to be stunned when she was backstabbed like Bitsy did to everyone else. She had no real personality and was just a bore.

:bulletorange: 17. Popper;

Similar to Lucky, why the hell did he get to be on allstars? He literally cannot talk and was a fourth boot. Popper is not an all-star, and he didn’t do anything the second time around either.

He’s just...a waste.

:bulletorange: 16. Norman:

I find it funny that people call people like Kathy and Phil strategybots, and right here we have Norman. Norman is such a stratbot this season it’s almost absurd. I don’t remember anything he did except for bland narrative confessionals about his gameplay or strategy. No personality whatsoever and it was really disappointing.

:bulletorange: 15. Amy:

Was UTR1 the whole premerge except for randomly showing up to take out GM? Next.

:bulletorange: 14. Craig:

Shock boot? When came into this season, I expected Craig to be one of my favorites and be hilarious and amusing. Then after like episode 2 I realized something: I like the idea of Craig a lot more than I seem to like Craig himself, because he’s really not that funny, since he’s pretty much just one joke replayed a bunch of times. Craig is a character whose comedic legend has overtaken his actual comedic value.

:bulletorange: 13. Vinnie:

Making Vinnie into an anti-hero was, imo, not the way to go with his character. It’s Vinnie. He is not some jerk with a heart of gold old man, he is a raging mafia asshole. Normally I like character development, but I don’t think that was needed and it rubbed me the wrong way. Plus most of his story was about his injury so not really a fan of this version.

:bulletyellow: 12. Maria:

She stabbed Vinnie, that’s about it. Thanks for making a memorable moment though.

:bulletyellow: 11. Beth:

The Beth is boring jokes aren’t funny and were never even accurate. We have a season with Lucky and Norman, yet Beth is the boring one? Even the tv tropes page goes on and on about how boring Beth is and it’s she isn’t. Beth had so much potential on this season, but it was all just a set up for a “Beth is boring hur hur hur” joke. Sigh.

:bulletyellow: 10. Gatemaster:

I get why he was an early boot, but seriously, did all the stars have to go early? GM is always great and he could have saved the season, but no he had too much screentime sfc5 or something and had to go early, bleh. At least he was still cute and fun the rare moments he got screentime. He’s mostly this high for my dreams about what chaos he could have brought to this season, ah well :(.

:bulletyellow: 9. Minerva:

Minerva was pretty great in her one episode. Making friends with Mary<3. Playing a fake idol just to see the shock on people’s faces<3. It was just one ep though, and it started the “let’s get rid of all the stars/villains early” trend this season. rip :(.

:bulletgreen: 8. Charlie:

alol. Charlie was just such a sour bitch this season, I don’t think she smiled once. She was a pretty good early game villain too, with flipflopping and trying to get rid of Vinnie. Alas, she was an early boot, so she randomly stabbed omay? idgi. Not the greatest character but pretty fun.

:bulletgreen: 7. Joe:

I don’t think Joe is super great or anything: he had random cute breakout P episodes only to fade back into UTRness. No, Joe’s this high because he was pretty much the one person not afraid of standing up to Bitsy/Violet instead of letting them walk all over himself like so many people did. Calling Violet out for cheating<3. His jury speech against Bitsy<3. thanks Joe.

:bulletgreen: 6. Kala:

Kala worked as both the one negative character to make it far, comic relief, and a late-game strategist. Her thing with Kevin and Omay were decently funny, her hating everyone was funny, and her whacking people on the head was funny. She also was a surprising strategic force. Kala the constant swing vote<3. I’m not sure how I would have liked this Kala on another season where I enjoyed more of the cast, but she was lots of fun. With that said...she should’ve won lol. Her not winning really puts a damper on her story and prevents me from putting her in the top 5.

:bulletgreen: 5. Hogan:

Okay, so Hogan was not a super deep character who changed a lot, but I really liked him this season, just because he was so...likable. He was a geuinely nice, likable person without being self-righteous, and having someone who could be nice, strategize, and still not afraid to occasionally be negative and have laughs was very needed. He never made me die from laughter or anything, but he brought a fair amount of humor with him as well, along with the Wendy rivalry, which was by far one of my favorite sub-plots this season. Just a likable and fun character.

:bulletgreen: 4. Sin:

Him being the first merge boot...seriously? So much potential wasted. Sin was a good character because he was a villain who could stir the pot, and yet...I found him strangely very likable and endearing. He was a nice chill guy, but also upset about his low placement last season, so he tried to play the CPN role...but wasn’t always the best at it. I really liked that contrast and it made him very enjoyable. But why did he go so early? That was such bullshit I’m still not over that, he could’ve done much more and made it so much farther. rip.

:bulletgreen: 3. Mary:

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a Mary fan, and although her time on this season was short, she definitely delivered. Her storyarc of having to control her bitchness while still hating everyone was a good one, and her exile epiphany is one of my favorite moments of the season. Plus she still had her usual Mary OTTN ways...just with a bit more depth this time. One of the few people in...SFC AS seasons in general who actually had character development, so gj mary. But of course, just like Sin, she had to go early because the concept of a controversial character making it far was so outrageous this season; bring on the Norman’s and Bitsy’s. ...fine, ranting over.

:bulletblue: 2. Wendy:

Wendy was the last person I expected to turn into a no-nonsense HBIC this season, and yet she did. Strong yet socially inept queen<3. Her hatred of the girls alliance sustained me, and made for tons of great quotes. In addition, she had really good dynamics with people, both strategically and personally, and when you combine that with the fact that she was pretty random (MY EYE IS FINE HEH), it made for a great character. She was so petty too, her hating choclate<3. Spending like two episodes in the rain grouching and trying to betray her alliance all the time<3. Pro tip: who wendy hates this season is pretty much who I hated, so gj wendy for that. The only reason she isn’t #1 is because she gave up her immunity for Bitsy and then got betrayed ugh. She so should’ve won, get it together girl! Still great though.

:bulletblue: 1. Al:

Massive improvement here of course. Dictator Al was just so damn amazing. He took complete control and bossed and controlled everyone to death, making for a great and hateable character. Him wanting Norman out, tolerating him, and then IMMEDIATELY turning on him a day later made my day, and so did his treatment of Bitsy and Lucky. Despite all that though, like Sin I found him very likable and endearing. He really didn’t mean to come off as a controlling dictator, it’s just that his lack of experience with social situations made it so he didn’t realize what people thought of him. Similarly, Al always stating how loyal his alliance was while they bitched about him was sad to me, not just because his alliance is my bottom 3 but because he actually did think they liked him. Characters that are negative yet you feel bad for are usually pretty great, and Al was no exeception.

Glad I’m done with that season, onto SFC11!

SFC6 EDGIC by Slicer37
SFC6 is done! yay...

Yeah, I'm not going to lie here. idk what the consensus is on sfc6, but I personally really just don't enjoy it, it was a chore to reread.  Almost every villain/entertaining character went home early on, leaving us with luminaries like Popper and Lucky in the final 7. It's almost kind of funny to read this season after reading SFC7, one of the most negative seasons ever, compared this season, where the post-merge edgic looks like a rainbow.  There was no conflict whatsoever, apart from Bitsy's crying fits. Speaking of Bitsy, I think she had an easier path to the end than Barney/Melanie, at least they got blindsided least once. Everything went Bitsy's way, she was the master strategist, and she gets rewarded with the victory at the end.  Most of the characters were strategy bots, hypocritical douchebags, and Kala.

With that said, I don't think it's all bad. A lot of characters DID improve from their original versions, and it had some charm and good moments. Just not enough to keep me interested or liking it.


:bulletpurple: SFC3
:bulletblue: SFC2
:bulletgreen: SFC7
:bulletorange: SFC6
:bulletred: SFC10

i included SFC10 because I'm never going to reread that lol.

Rankings will be up soon, and then next reread will be...SFC11!
Here it is.

:bulletred: 20. Jasen:

Idiot. Out of all the idiots, out of all the Brenton's/Craig's/whoever in SFC, no one can possibly be a stupider player than the guy who got a CP edit almost every episode. Jasen's idiocy combined with a CP5 edit made me seriously feel enraged, frustrated, and sorry for all the victim's of his ridiculous campaigns. Where to begin...Jasen starts off as your typical gamebot, except he's really condescending and smug, traits that become ungodly annoying as the season goes on). In the first two episodes his true colors start to show as he bitches about the three idiots/old ladies, yet keeps them TWICE over competent tribemates, all while acting like he's hot shit. Then, Russell is unmasked, and everyone is ready to boot the person who's openly sabotaging challenges and causing their losing streak...until Jasen pops up with "He's too strong we need him for challenges :(". I'm not even going to bother pointing out what's wrong with that. Yet, everyone just goes along with it :roll:. Then, Jasen decides Russell needs to be kept  again over Ker, and once she wins immunity he decides this is a great time to backstab his alliance o_o. After he gets rid of his majority on the tribe, he finally decides to get rid of Russell...only to telegraph the boot causing Russell to play his idol. After that, he decides once again to side with Russell, gets Krauss/Ker owned, and then...slaps Russell in the face for "screwing him over". That's really funny to me, since, you know, Russell would've been gone in episode 4 if Jasen didn't save him multiple times. top this all off with his smug personality, constantly calling everyone on his tribe idiots (this is a common theme throughout the season) Jasen is a fitting last place, for the most hypocritical dumbass ever in SFC.

:bulletred: 19. Quadaratic:

And we go from "dumbest supposed strategy player ever" to "most useless person to make it far ever". Quad is the most useless person ever to make merge, let alone top 5 of SFC. It's funny how in this season I can't stand the idiot characters when I'm usually kind of fond of them, but Quad was just such a nothing. He didn't make me laugh once, even when his same tired shtick was driven into the ground. Wrecker put it perfectly:


Couple this with the fact that Quad openly rode one of the most insane/hilarious alliances in SFC history, all while contributing absolutely nothing. I think the best example of Quad is how he would never flip...for no reason whatsoever, he was just there. He wasn't funny, he didn't contribute to dynamics, he rarely showed up, could take him out of the season and I don't think much would change, and when that's a F5 character cracking lame jokes every thanks.

:bulletred: 18. Skazzatrazz:

I think people have gone over him a lot, and tbh, way more than a character that did what he did deserves. so I'm not going to bother with a writeup, sorry.

:bulletred: 17. Ventious:

I's a good thing Ventious has long arms, so he can pat himself on the back. :). props if you know that quote btw.

But yeah, I've really gone back and forth on Ventious. When I first read sfc7, I thought he was an annoying self-righteous moralizer.  Then, after seeing how everyone loved Ventious after he was voted off, I changed my mind and decided he was all right. Now on reread, I discovered that he is an annoying self-righteous moralizer! Ventious basically has two goals: be a good person and stop drama. Riveting :roll:. He accomplished this, of course, in the most self-serving way possible. ALL THE PEOPLE THAT WORSHIP ME ARE GOOD PEOPLE. MANYA IS A BAD PERSON. The thing about Ventious hating his lovers in sfc7 only came like in the last two episodes btw, for most of the time he was calling ryuia hot and eating his praises up. When he wasn't doing that, he was talking about how good of a person he was. I think my two least favorite Ventious moments are 1. Betty's boot ep where he decides that at the F4, challenge performance should decide the boot order and 2. in his boot episode, where he smugly says that because Ker/Krauss are better people than Chrii they get the honor of an 8th/9th placement. Like, seriously? And unlike the rest of his alliance, all of his petty moral problems (aka do I want to be king of the tribe where everyone loves me or do I want to be nice to the people who go home and still get to be king) were played totally seriously like they were actually moral dilemmas, because Ventious is SUCH a good person. Probably the only person who improved in SFC10, lmao.

:bulletorange: 16. Chrii

before I start complaining props to chrii for getting rid of ventious. that's why she's in orange and not red.

now let's get to why I don't like Chrii, and it pretty much starts with her whole "snarky thing". I'm tired of snarky people on sfc because like with Chrii, snarking for her is just whining passive-aggressively. Chrii's whole M.O is to isolate yourself from the majority, mock them for the entire premerge, then spend the rest of your time acting like you're a victim and whine about how everyone treats you badly. Well...maybe if you tried to intergrate yourself instead of mocking people 24/7, you wouldn't be the underdog? I also hated how she called everyone stupid (including krauss/ker) when like...everyone in the majority/krauss and ker are way smarter than you, considering how you're the one in the minority and even chloe could beat you in a jury vote lol. Her snarky moments were never funny and her superiority is entirely unwarranted , and those caused some really annoying moments that we were supposed to root for. (I think one of my problems with sfc7 is how blatantly the good guys/bad guys were presented.) I think I might have enjoyed Chrii's attitude if A. it wasn't played with a UTR-CPP edit and B. if she did anything to deserve her attitude and she really didn't lol. 

:bulletorange: 15. Riddle:

Okay so Riddle was a first boot and he didn't really do anything offensive, but good god his gimmick was annoying. He speaks in riddles...yay? luckily he was the first boot.

:bulletyellow: 14. Lauren:

I barely remember her...she was just the CPP anthro early boot lol. Super forgettable.

:bulletyellow: 13. Bo:

A bit more memorable than Lauren I guess. I remember her trying to learn English, then going UTR and then getting double booted lol. One of Jasen's most ridic victims though :(.

:bulletpink: 12. Russell:

Mixed feelings! Okay, I'll keep this short. Russell was a complete parody this season, everything was mocked and I thought it was funny. He was just a charicuture that it made him fun to laugh at, and he's really funny for me. With that said...I don't think he should've been with season. It was way too personal of an attack on a comic that isn't supposed to be just "point and laugh at this person". It didn't fit with the tone of the season and was just a way to attack Russell...I hate Russell hantz too, but don't bring him into sfc lol. Also I thought it got tiresome after a while, Jasen keeping him in grr. So yeah, mixed feelings.

:bulletyellow: 11. Krauss:

back to neutral...except it's for a fairly major character awks. There's always a character that everyone hates or loves but you're neutral on, and that's kind of Krauss for me. He...went from a generic douchebag "this tribe is mine!!" to a generic cpp strategy bot yay? Ellise you are not. I liked Krauss when he actually showed emotion, but those moments were few and far between. Most of time he just felt like he was just a plot tool, and for that he gets neutral. One thing I DID like though was how he wasn't the best strategist despite being a stratbot, it was nice to have a strategy hero who wasn't perfect at it lol.

:bulletyellow: :bulletgreen: 10. Chloe:

two bullets here, lol...very mild like for Chloe. On one hand, I want to like her, because she's an UTRN bitch with a fun rivalry and a lot of good quotes. Welcome to Ponderosa-SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH will always be golden, and she has some other good moments. otoh though...Chloe, as swsu said, is a supporting character of a supporting character, which leaves chloe with like...very little to do lol. Even when she gets screentime it's just...talking about ventious/ryuia. Even as a MORN follower bitch, Dinah and Wrecker did that better lol. I wish she had done something independent :(. I still think she's fun though.

:bulletgreen: :bulletyellow: 9. Betty:

Another two bullet one! Betty was a good character. She was sassy in a fun way yet positive and fun. Her leading a charge against Skazz<3. But she was Jasen's follower who did what he said, and like...get better allies girl. I can't entirely like a Jasen follower, and she's here because of that.

:bulletgreen: 8. Driz:

rip :(. Drizangel is a legit good character though. She had a full story that wound up neatly in 4 episodes, and I respect that, as well as just being such a woobie ;__;. <3.

:bulletgreen: 7. Derek:

SFC has a decent amount of fail villains...some of them better than others. Derek is mostly forgotten, but I think he was a really good fail villain for his 5 episodes on the show. He caused a lot of conflict and tried to blame it on others...only for everyone to realize it was him instantly :lol:. He was such a fail, and I thought his role in the plot was an important one. Just a fun early boot.

:bulletgreen: 6. Mayna:

Unlike Chrii, Manya never claimed to be a good player, she just hated everyone and wanted to fuck with them<3. Without her, what would corsnea be? She was great as both sassy black chick bitch and pointing out how stupid and insane everyone was, which was something really needed on a tribe like corsnea where most of them were insane assholes (<3). She brought a lot to the season.

:bulletgreen: 5. Ker:

GASP. One of my biggest surprises this reread is that...I'm a Ker fan AND a Wrecker fan lol, I think they're both really good characters. Ker is just so much fun lol. she's so ^_^ ~ about everything, and combined with the fact that she's so weird makes her great to read. Pickles<3. her stories<3 etc. Even things I thought were annoying I found really fun on reread. She also was also of the only major characters of the season (especially the P ones) who wasn't super self-righteous. While Chrii and Krauss were strategizing and fuming over their poor treatment, Ker was just like "want to watch the stars with me?" ^_^ ~. Ker also had the ability to be epic when she wanted to. Her speeches against Wrecker and getting out Russell<3.

About her win: I don't care about gameplay much so idc about that, but I do agree that her winning all the challenges and winning a fan vote was way too predictable and cliché, and that's what's keeping her from the blue for me :x. The fan vote was an obvious win for her too, so like...why even have it? She made up for it by being "oh yes, I won ^_^" though<3.

:bulletblue: 4. Wrecker:

If Ker was an amazing sweetheart, Wrecker was the perfect MORN douchebag lol. I don't think a sfc character has ever been so effortlessly UTRN jackass as Wrecker, but he put characters with 10 times his screen time to shame. Every thing that came out of his mouth was a snide judgment of someone else or talking about how much better he was, and I loved it; it was the type of character I've been waiting for. He was also a righteous bringer of hatred against all the people I didn't care for, which made him better. For instance:

Hating Quadaratic before it was cool and bitching about him nonstop.
His face to ventious when he suggested that challenge performance should decide boot order at F4
Kicking Chrii out of the shelter multiple times and laughing in her face<3.

And then came the IDOL BURN, which was insanely epic (even if it did set a precedent of cheating that people like enter benefited from). But regardless of Enter, it was epic and awesome, and his smugness combined with his OTTN panic in the finale solidified the act and his character for me.

:bulletblue: 3. Phil:

CP gamebot god<3.

Phil was an example of how to do a strategy bot RIGHT: give him a personality, a crazy alliance to bounce off of, and a downfall. Phil started as a generic strategist, who discovered to her horror that his alliance was made out of psychopaths<333333. His constant exasperation against the alliance he was leading never failed to amuse me. Btw, his and Dinah's relationship is one of the most underrated ever; it was dynamic and very complex. But anyway, his story really picked up when Ventious goes and he controls the reins of the Corsnea alliance. His presence as the ONE stabilizing force they had was very needed, and what was great how he turned more and more negative the farther it went, until his epic downfall in the finale, which ofc was amazing.

btw...I usually don't care about gameplay, but Phil deserves props for being the best SFC player ever, or at the very least in the top 5. In short, Phil not only filled an important role, he made gameplay and gamebotting interesting and fun, and for that I love him.

:bulletblue: 2. Ryuia:

Corsnea: one of the best alliances ever.

We all know why to love Ryuia. She does ridiculous shit all day. She's a crazy stalker. She's self-righteous in a way where you can't take her seriously. She has the best rivalries of the season.

I think Ryuia is especially interesting to me because on paper, she seems like such an obvious OTTP sweetheart. Loves the CPP hero? Check. Hates villains? Check. But obviously (until SFC10 which decided to ruin his and just make her OTTP :roll:) Ryuia was NOT your normal sweetheart. She was a very negative character, and it was like if you took an OTTP sweetheart "crazy girl" and made them negative, and the result is...Ryuia.  think her negativity combined with all this finally took to head in her boot ep, where she has a complete breakdown over everything, and leaves just totally worn out and exhausted. Ryuia is honestly one of the most complex SFC characters I've seen in a while and I love that.

:bulletblue: 1. Dinah:

Dinah might seen like a strange number one, especially over Ryuia, but to me, Dinah represents what I loved about this season: people's true asshole coming out disguised very well. Dinah is the most subtle bitch you'll ever meet. but she's a bitch none the same and it caused for some of the season's best moments. Her journey throughout her 37 days was basically her becoming more and more bitchy, all the while hiding it behind the "mom" image she wanted to send out. Behind that though, was the true Dinah: the Dinah who salivated over the idea of voting people out, the Dinah who could justify anything, the Dinah who would act the crazy girl like Chloe/Ryuia only to stone-coldly eliminate them a few days later, and the women who was pissed over being backstabbed despite wanting to do it multiple times. Dinah was a stone-cold HBIC hiding under a façade, and the more it came out, the more I knew she was my favorite of the season.

I'm interested in your opinions guys :)
5. *character writer likes* and *other character writer likes* are going to get together, but *character author doesn't like* might get in the way! What will happen???? (spoiler: characters author likes get together in the end).

4. TD new season redo, where coincidentally, all the characters the author likes get far, along with one character they don't like to be the villain and get humiliated. Oh, and the author's OTP get together, also coincidentally!

3.  Total drama characters...except in high school, where somehow they all go to the same one! how creative and clever!!!! (it isn't).

2. New season where people get to submit OC's! Guaranteed not to last more than 4 chapters! 

and number one...


...yeah I'm feeling sarcastic today.

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